WotUBot – A Social Networking Site

Wotubot is a brand new and ground breaking website, the one which mixes the top aspects of social networking with the fun and excitement of shopping online. دکمه

Wotubot has taken the arena of social networking – where friends can share information and news and generally stay in touch – and transformed it into an unique concept. One particular that provides world a fully integrated shopping and social networking experience. 

Wotubot came about because they behind it noticed a gap between social marketing and shopping and found a way to fill up it. The work commenced on the site in January 2010, finishing in June 2010, which is when the beta version of the site travelled live.

The founder of the site, Kapil Suri, primarily wished to provide all of the money for the venture him or her self, but eventually pushed his project forward with the aid of money from relatives and buddies.

To understand how Wotubot works, envision being able to see what their friends are buying and selling. After that imagine being able to chat to them and send messages simultaneously. Then simply imagine meeting even more people online who choose to buy the same kind of stuff that you do. That, in a nutshell, is Wotubot.

Truly groundbreaking, it will permit people who wish to shop together and reveal social activities for this online. Our friendships are ruled by shared interests, and being able to speak about the latest set of shoes you bought, for instance, and reveal information on to bought them, brings the interpersonal shopping experience online.

Right now there are many advantages to using Wotubot. Say one of your friends has been searching for years for the perfect pair of glasses. You are browsing online and suddenly you see exactly the sort of pair that your friend has been in business so hard to find. Normally you would have to note over the URL or other details, and then perhaps, best case situation, email the details to your friend. Wotubot’s unique suite of features will permit you to simply get in touch with your friend and point them, instantly, in the right direction for that treasured pair of spectacles.

Even better, imagine you are trying to find the best birthday surprise solution, or any other occasion for that subject. Browsing Wotubot and taking the time to reveal ideas and thoughts with other shoppers will soon permit you to find the right surprise ideas. This could take much longer on other social marketing sites because they are not exclusively shopping related. Wotubot puts you in exactly the right location to make a purchase. And the purchase will be the one that is informed by people just like you.