Which Is A Better Option For Prostate Cancer Surgery: Laparoscopic Or Robotic Surgery?

Every time a person is diagnosed with prostate cancer, amidst the choice-list of treatment options, the choices narrows to two – Laparoscopic Medical procedures Or Robotic Surgery. The surgeon who manages patients with prostate cancer must understand the factors assisting good outcomes and help the patients to choose the better treatment at curing this cancer. dr samadi nyc

Laparoscopic Surgery

The laparoscopic surgery consists of a special camera or scope used to look inside the belly. Surgeries performed with this type of tools are known as keyhole, porthole or minimally invasive surgery. Laparoscopic surgery eliminates the need for larger fente as in traditional surgery. This brings about less pain and scarring post surgery, less infection and faster recovery. Laparoscopic surgery for prostate cancer may look promising. Patients undergoing this technique have less blood vessels loss, shorter hospital stay, quicker return to regular activities and early associated with the urethral catheter. 

Robotic Surgery

The process has the same advantages associated with laparoscopic prostatic surgery like no fente, minimum blood loss, faster recovery and early associated with the catheter with an add-on of a robotic instrument with two cameras for better visual images. These two cameras permit the surgeon to find out the three-dimensional view with the highest magnification. The automatic instrumentation offers the physician with a full range of motion. Significantly blood vessels loss is less during the treatment with automatic surgery and therefore is also known as the bloodless prostatic cancer treatment.

Great things about Automatic Prostate Surgery over Laparoscopic Prostate Surgery

The two prostatic cancer treatment options goal the same target of obtaining minimally invasive surgery. However, there are few key points which make robotic surgery more advanced over the laparoscopic surgery. The features of robotic prostatic cancer surgery over traditional laparoscopic surgery are-

Medically Superior Results: The essential electronics and one-centimeter size surgical arms of the robotic equipment, allows the surgeon to make a highly precise movement inside the incision during the surgery. This precision reduces the risk for damaging healthy prostate cells bettering clinical results.
Decreased Risk of Complications: Normal non-robotic prostate surgery requires larger incisions which raise the patient’s susceptibility to contamination before and after the surgery. The robotic surgery requires five incisions of less than two ins each which takes less time for recovery and fewer prone to microbe infection.
Quicker Recovery Period: During robotic surgery, the smaller incisions required to maneuver the operating hands heal the incision much faster, require fewer assemblée, and are much less vulnerable to tearing or infections. All these factors contribute in a faster recovery period.
Minimum Skin damage: The robotic prostate surgery leaves the incision which heals with little or no obvious scarring. Simply by minimizing the size of the incision needed to remove cancerous tissue, the risk of scar tissue-related issues is greatly mitigated.
Bottom line

Prostate cancer surgery is getting more in demand due to its positive outcomes. The surgeons are highly qualified and have incredible credentials in neuro-scientific prostate cancer surgery, the actual process smooth like butter with the use of latest equipment and technology. This surgery is also known for the budget-friendly facility. Money performs an essential role in undergoing any sort of surgery. Consequently prostate cancer surgery cost gives the patient an possibility to save a reasonable amount of margin on the complete expenditure. Surgery cost is absolutely low and affordable and so can show to be a life-saving element in one’s life.