Viral Video vs Word of Mouth Marketing

A large number of people compare viral videos to word of mouth area advertising. A viral online video is seen by hundreds and passed to hundreds more and is similar to the “telephone” game you probably played as a child. Word of mouth area marketing techniques have recently been around for years and even though viral videos have many similarities to this type of advertising you can also get some major differences. One industry insider has classified virus-like marketing as “word of mouth marketing on caffeine”. trend

The Virus Described

In the event that you are not familiar with the term “viral video” there is still a top probability that you have seen one. A viral video is a marketing technique that will depend on existing social and communication networks such as email, forums, and social network sites. It is focused at increasing brand consciousness, bettering sales, and other objectives determined by the marketing campaign. 

To complete this goal a marketing expert will identify a populace group he wishes to target. He will then build a video containing a viral message that has a high probability of being passed on… and on.

Precisely what is Different, What is Fresh?

To comprehend the dissimilarities between referral marketing and virus-like videos it is necessary to identify the problems inherent in word of mouth advertising. One of the biggest problems this old university advertising technique faces is credibility. Inside the “telephone” game the message was drastically altered when it got to the 3 rd or 4th person. This kind of also holds true in word of mouth advertising. Consumers may well not be getting all the facts or they may be getting all the wrong facts.

Another pitfall of the word of mouth method is that it burns out. A marketer either tells a consumer something or does something that leads someone to let 5 friends. Unfortunately, not all 5 friends will tell 5 friends ones own commonly believed. Only twenty-five % of the original 5 friends will complete along the message. The percentage grows smaller with each retelling allowing the message to sputter away quickly. Not exactly a prosperous marketing campaign.

The Following Level of Marketing

The complete concept of viral online video marketing is to take the word of mouth area method to another level. The achievements of a viral video relies on the passion of the consumers who view the video. The message is no longer a conversation between friends; growth will occur at exponential rates. As opposed to the word of mouth method, viral videos don’t fizzle out. A marketer delivers a viral video in a mass email, people pass the email on to their entire talk about book, and it will quickly spread – just like a true computer virus.

The effects of thriving a viral video can be seen in the 2007 return of the wrestler Chris Jericho. This kind of classic viral video advertised the return of the wrester to the WWE stage. Hidden codes in the message could be solved by the customer to learn about his returning. This campaign spread across the internet at mach speed with millions attempting to decode the text messages.

The Good, the Poor, and the Ugly

Not really all efforts at virus-like marketing are successful. A great viral video must be designed with customers or clients in head. You must understand what your clients will discover humorous and what will turn them off.