Macchina per fare la pasta

Our machines for making pasta La Fattorina are automatic electronic professional mixers made of stainless steel, red in education, ideal for making your homemade pasta with ease! Pasta making machine
Choosing the right electric wire drawing machine will be possible? go back in time producing, with a p? pada flour and eggs, spaghetti and fettuccine made in the event that only grandma could do.
Our professional machine for making pasta? suitable for restaurants and family benefit.
This commodity? been designed to make the pi? miserable possible realization of fresh pasta. 
In fact this unique and original high quality kneader Italian has a reduced locked and a structure en over totalidad in steel.
La Fattorina, fresh pasta machine ,? equipped with a tub that includes large dimensions to melt and make the homemade dinero.
The capacity Mixing? of one particular, 5 kg per change and produces 4 kilograms of egg pasta every hour.
Is it possible to extract doughs with any flour format as long as? pada good quality? furthermore? can be kneaded with only water and flour (therefore without eggs) respecting the quantities? suggestive on the carafe in the grant.
Before proceeding to minus the extrusion of pasta, we advise you to check sony ericsson the dough has the consistency and granulosit? similar to rice grains, consequently it must not be too compact or limp.
To obtain an optimal preparation right away, keep in mind that for every kg pada flour you need about 400ml of liquid (eggs, water, past vegetables, etc …).
Once the liquid elizabeth flour mixture inserted into the nausea? ready, turn the switch to the electronic extrusion position cos? By doing so, the dough itself can be moved through the bronze dalam dies, which in basic to the different formats and shapes, allow the desired type of nudeln to be successful.
To clean votre dies? sufficient to leave them in a dense container of water, to ensure that the residue pada dough remains always floppy and then easily removable during the subsequent dough.
The eventual production of gnocchi, with the appropriate extruder, specifies to be made using only the freeze-dried batata flour, therefore, not in case they can use the potatoes because? they could damage the machine itself.