Locations For Hair Transplant Procedures Other Than Scalp

Hair Transplant

We provide you 5 steps hair care system. We analyze your hair with a special program and plan your hair transplantation accordingly. Manual or Motorized extraction with special punches by an expert DrT who has 20 years experience. Hair Transplant

While scalp male pattern baldness is presumably the most widely recognized region of worry for patients, hair can be lost from wherever on the body. Characteristic maturing, sickness procedures, or injury can cause male pattern baldness on the face, body, eyebrows, and eyelashes. For a few patients, this can cause a level of concern however luckily there are possibilities for revival. Similar strategies used to transplant hair in the scalp can be utilized for facial hair transplants, eyebrow transplants, and body hair transplants.

Any hair from any piece of the body can be transplanted to some other piece of the body. Patients must recollect that transplanted hair will keep up the attributes that it had before transplant. This implies the hair will become by a similar cycle, get a similar shading, and have a similar surface. The can be dangerous for transplant between specific zones. Patients ought to know that hair on various parts of the body have distinctive development cycles. This implies eyebrow hair does not develop insofar as scalp hair. In the event that scalp hair is transplant to the eyebrows, the transplant hair should be trimmed. On the other hand, if body hair is transplanted to the scalp, it won’t develop as long as common scalp hair so the regular hair should be trimmed shorter.

Eyebrow Transplants

Contributor hair for eyebrow transplants generally originates from the scalp. An extensive thickness of hair is required for eyebrow transplant methodology to influence them to look characteristic and at least 2,000 unions for the two eyebrows isn’t nonsensical in a few circumstances. Position is vital and requires a consistently sporadic example to get normal showing up comes about. After eyebrow transplants, the hair should be shaved or a pig tail can come about.

Eyelash Transplants

Eyelash transplants are a considerably more troublesome strategy to get quality and enduring outcomes. The long haul comes about because of eyelash transplants don’t demonstrate a positive survival rate. With the presentation of Latisse(TM) to the market, it is proposed that patients just seek after eyelash transplants in the wake of debilitating every single other treatment. The benefactor site again is the scalp and individual hairs are threading through the lash edge. Eyelash transplants from the scalp require prepping or abundance development can happen.

Facial Hair Transplants

Mustache and whiskers supplanting is conceivable with facial hair transplants. Giver site is again the scalp and either FUE or strip contributor extraction can be embraced. The example of arrangement for facial hair transplants must be routinely sporadically. Substantial quantities of unions can once in a while be required for facial hair transplants attributable to the huge surface territory to be transplanted.