How Do You Do a Basic SEO Analysis of an Existing Website

There are numerous factors that decide the Google ranking of a site but deciding why a site doesn’t rank well for certain keywords is a complex process. Finally it all gets down to keywords and key phrases and the way you make use of it as a way to work for you. The basic principle is simple: the more you “talk” using those keyword key phrases and the more others “talk” about who you are using the same (or related) keyword words the more Google will think you are typical about those keywords. Achieving a good balance in using keywords on your pages(both in content and code) and not going into spam represents an ongoing process. google seo website checker

Before analyzing understand the theme:

Comprehending the theme of a site is crucial. The theme determines the keywords you’ll need to focus on, the websites and the social networks you’ll market your website, the concentrate on audience, how we can earn money and checklist could go on. In few words, theme is everything. And before you start an analysis set aside a second to understand the theme and many important see if you will find consistency in the content. It’s just like in design to need to maintain consistency within an aspect: the content has to connect with the key theme. Every person judges in another way: here is where a good SEO analyst will make the – understand that if an individual can make certain cable connections to find the much relation of an article to the key theme, the Google software might not find it. So even thou you create content for humans learn what are the elements that describes what that article is about for the Yahoo robot.

Keyword Phrases that the owner targets:

Virtually any business owner tries to focus on some keywords. Some really know what they’re doing but many don’t. That is why many try to concentrate on single keywords (REALLY BIG MISTAKE – because sole words have low significance to your website about what regards the ratings. Anything may contribute to the general theme description in front of Yahoo nevertheless, you don’t want to rank high for that key phrase because you will find a very low ROI – in addition single keywords are extremely difficult to rank well for). Anyway, you need to ask the owner of the web site, what keyword key phrases did he tried to target. Make a list and get tot the next point.

Where are the keyword phrases?

This is actually the moment when you assess the website and see where did the owner used the keywords this individual says he targeted. You will have to check the titles, the text in the backlinks and the actual textual content. This is the first part that is the most obvious. After that comes a much more deeper look here are the elements you’ll have to focus on: name of the files, keywords in URLs, html tags, headers, where in the article’s text is a key word used. How many keywords does a page focuses on? This is a question you will need to answer because many make an effort to target to many keywords for a single article: more the other main keyword and maximum 2 secondary ones weight reduction do it if you need to maintain the information in a form that folks will appreciate it. Also check to see if the name, the metatag description and the text all focus on the same main key word: this ensures a strong backbone to create the page.

Analyze the other elements:

Ultimately of the analysis you’ll check all the other elements like: unique titles and metatag descriptions, proper use of the HTML tags, how many pages are listed, the incoming links but all these elements are going after the basic analysis that has a single purpose: to determine the current state of the website in order to consider some decisions and establish an SEO strategy.