HealthRider Elliptical Review

Health rider elliptical are manufactured by Icon Fitness, one of the largest retailers in fitness equipment. Preform, Reebok, Wesco, Image and other brands are all under Icon Fitness. Health rider started out in the early 1990’s and was known for its advanced technologies. To this day, they still strive for technical innovation to help people get in shape without any pain in joints or muscles.

Health rider bases their new line of equipment on the following three criteria’s; innovative technology, user friendly console, and low impact. if IT, One Touch technology, and Biologic Pulse training are examples of advanced features in a Health rider elliptical trainer.

There are over 10 manufacturing facilities in America and their engineers are constantly researching and creating newer models. Their models are below $1,000.

There may exist other Health rider elliptical machine models out there, however Icon Fitness only offer the latest ones. These models are still being manufactured and all parts are in stock.

Strong Point

The first strong point of Health rider elliptical is the features it offers. Most models, regardless of the price, will have the same features such as if IT compatible and Biologic Chest Pulse Sensor among many others.

These elliptical trainers are also affordable. The most expensive model goes for $900, which is a decent price. We suggest you opt for the extended warranty for the additional $119.

Another strong point is its one touch resistance and incline buttons. It allows you to quickly change the intensity of your workout.

In addition to one touch buttons, Health rider offer wireless chest strap heart rate monitoring. The models have heart rate built in programs to ensure you train in your target cardio zone.

Weak Point

Health rider elliptical are not the best quality machines. They put most of their efforts in innovating great features, but don’t spend much time on improving the quality. The warranty is a reflection of such quality; which we will discuss next.

Like most brands by Icon Fitness, they have a warranty of 90 days. They have an extended warranty option which we strongly encourage if you choose Health rider as your elliptical trainer ($69 for 1 year extension, $99 for 2 year extension, $119 for 3 year extension).

Last but not least, don’t expect good customer service upon termination of your warranty; a typical Icon drawback.

Expert Reviews says In terms of stability, they (Icon Fitness) are the best but overall, product support does not seem to be a high priority once the machine is out of warranty.


If you are seeking an elliptical with many features and gimmicks, then these elliptical are a possible choice. However, there are better models out there that provide a better value for money.

Looking at the model specs, you may think that Health rider offers much more than other models. This is true but you have to consider the quality of the machine, which is the trade off to its great features.