Great Ways to Cartoon Yourself

Quite a few creative options available online, almost all of us are constantly researching ways to create portraits. Transforming your photograph into a cartoon is one creative concept that is fast catching on. With Internet new technology traveling at lighting speed, it is much much easier to create a cartoon simulation of your image right from the comfort of your home without heading anywhere. In this article we examine the top ways of creating a cartoon image of yourself and the advantages and disadvantages of each of those methods. watch cartoons online

Free websites

Today many websites offer the service of converting your photo into a similar looking cartoon character totally free. Generally there are a host of these sites that allow you to quickly publish your digital photograph and quickly convert it into a caricature in a matter of minutes, often seconds. 

Advantages: These websites are quick to use and permit you to see results in moments. Likewise they are free of charge, so often there is not any harm in trying.

Drawbacks: Results obtained at such sites are often not professional with the cartooned image looking much like your digital picture. Likewise, while the image may be useful as an online avatar, printing the same can be wearisome, with limited printing options. Also, the method of printing and quality of the outcome is totally left on to you.

Hiring Artists

Many durham region artists can be seen at malls and other areas, and are ready to draw an animation out of the real you. To avail of this, you may need to visit a good artist, wait around for your turn and get a real cartooned portrait done. This often does take time and you will need to take out at least an hour of your treasured time to avail of this.

Advantages: The benefit for such a family portrait is that you get an original looking animation caricature of you, something that free sites are not able to give you.

Disadvantages: The quality of your portrait is not in the hands and cannot often be improved. Also the process is time taking with you needing to wait for your turn. Again, the means on which you can print too are limited.

Software tools

Photoshop, Illustrator and many other software tools also permit you to convert photographs to animation images. To employ this, either you need to be well-versed with the platforms or need to learn them. While these software can be useful as a place to begin, often the quality of image produced is not so great.

Positive aspects: Easy to use with marketing campaign results being totally in both hands. If perhaps you know the software, then an end product comes free of charge.

Disadvantages: The process is time taking, mediums on which you print are limited and the caliber of finish might not exactly be good if you are not a pro.

Specialist Broadcasters

Few art companies also provide the service of creating a cartoon image for you. These galleries have a team of artists who use their creative talent coupled with relevant technologies to develop animation replicas for you. These kinds of studios will charge you a little more, but give a high quality picture. You can check for anyone places in your neighborhood or look for global art providers online also.